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Welcome to PB creation...

...the web page of East Midlands artist Penny Bradshaw


Walking with dog

Creation around and within us is my inspiration and I enjoy experimenting with colour and form to evoke the emotions that creation brings about. My approach is to present an impression that the viewer can "play with" and respond to - to see beyond the colour and form to the power of creation itself.

Until I was married in 1983 and moved to Loughborough, I lived a nomadic life moving around England through eight different locations with ever-changing environments. Since getting married, we have moved only once and change for me has been more internal. My faith in God has developed as I acknowledge the transforming Power of Jesus.

My logo is my initials in the shape of a butterfly. This creature's life journey is fascinating, especially the fact that the caterpillar doesn't just 'grow wings' but a complete 'melt down' occurs within its body structure before it is reformed: the same living creature - but totally transformed!

My art qualifications are simple. Art 'O' level years ago at school and a couple of painting courses since then. The majority of my artwork is in either watercolour or acrylics.

The idea of turning my work into greetings cards is a project encouraged by two friends - each skilled in creative areas namely silver-crafted jewellery and making fabric gifts. We work separately but join together throughout the year to sell to the public. Thank you for visiting my website. If you would like to buy any of my work, please visit my contact page and get in touch.